Saturday 9th March 2013 - Married for 2708 days

The Wedding Party

Meet some of our favourite people!

People to know...
Here's a few key players who you might want to familiarise yourself with! If you need anything on the day, these are the people to ask... we are kindly delegating all responsibility to these lovely people!!!

Fiona Rushworth
Fiona RushworthMother of the Bride
Mick Rushworth
Mick RushworthFather of the Bride
Simon Hardwick
Simon HardwickSimon is the Best Man!
Adele Silva
Adele SilvaBridesmaid
Debra Hoyland
Debra HoylandBridesmaid
Claire Hoyland
Claire HoylandBridesmaid
Charlotte Toovey
Charlotte TooveyBridesmaid
Hannah Mayfield
Hannah MayfieldBridesmaid
Kenny Cavey
Kenny CaveyUsher
Anthony Dearie
Anthony DearieUsher